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Ankle Pain

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Dr.Christopher Kendall PT

Is Your Ankle Pain Making It Difficult to Walk, Run, Jump, Descend Stairs, or Perform Your Daily or Household Duties?

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We treat the following common ankle conditions:

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Mike H

Had leg/pelvic pain for 2 years finally decided to go see Chris Kendall to see what was going on. It’s been almost two months since seeing him and I haven’t felt this strong since I first developed the discomfort, there is now little to pain in my legs/pelvis.

Jessica M.

Dr. Kendall has helped with proper body movement in regards to my swing specifically. This has helped reduced pain in my elbow and has also really helped to improve accuracy in my swing!

Tom Budde

Dr. Kendall is the best! He helped me with my lower back pain now I can go out and enjoy my round of golf and I’m hitting the ball further then I could before too which is a plus