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Golf Injuries

a man swinging his golf club on a golf course.

Are You a Golfer Who Is Experiencing Pain or Injury, or Do You Want to Improve Your Ability to Swing a Golf Club and Play Better Golf?

You’ve come to the right place if you answered “yes” to any of the above questions.

We assist golfers in moving better, feeling better, and playing better. We specialize in golf movement.
The Reality Is...

We Help Golfers Get Back on the Course at Kendall Performance Physical Therapy.

It can be difficult to know what to do if you are experiencing golf pain. You’ve probably heard a variety of options, such as…

It’s difficult to make a decision with so many options… What will happen if you don’t make the correct decision?

Most people get stuck trying to figure out what to do next. They go through days, weeks, months, and even years without acting.



1. Player and Injury Interview

2. Evaluation of Flexibility and Mobility

3. Testing for Strength and Coordination

4. Carry Diagnosis Distance

5. Evaluation of Total Body Power

6. Corrective Action Plan Prescription

7. Doctor’s Findings Report

Following the interview and physical exam, we design and build a fitness program to improve your mobility, strength, and skill to improve the efficiency of your swing and keep you on the course pain-free.
Improve how your body holds up during your round by addressing the underlying cause of your issue to keep you on the course for future seasons. Leave with the knowledge and tools to manage pain and improve performance in the long run.

Kendall Performance Physical Therapy Has Developed a Three-Step Process to Eliminate Your Pain AND Ensure That It Does Not Return.


Our healthcare system is infuriating. You wait weeks, if not months, for an appointment, only to speak with the doctors for 10 minutes before they rush to the next patient, leaving you wondering, “What just happened?”

This is how most physical therapy clinics operate. They’re not attentive and quick, and your therapist doesn’t have time to touch where you hurt.

This is why we begin by listening to your story.

We know that no two people with golf pain are alike after working with many of them. Each person has a unique body, a unique history, and a unique type of pain.

That is why, as a first step, we will hold an open conversation and allow you to tell your story. That way, we can gain a thorough understanding of not only what’s going on with your body but also how it’s affecting your life.


Many people have a medical term or diagnosis for what’s wrong with their bodies. Maybe it was given to them by their doctor, maybe tests revealed the diagnosis, or maybe you found it online.

You could have been told that your only options were to rest, take pain relievers, or consider surgery.

These things may provide temporary relief, but they do not address the root cause of the problem.

Every person’s source of pain is unique. Nobody has the same problem caused by the same thing as someone else.

Kendall Performance Physical Therapy’s goal is to find the root cause of your pain so that it not only goes away but stays away!

During the Golf Performance Assessment, you’ll discover what’s wrong, and how long it will take to correct it, and know that your problem can be resolved naturally!


This is when the major transformation takes place. We create a customized plan that allows you to…

…Resume golfing without fear of the pain returning.

…Be able to return to your favorite courses.

…Return to your pre-injury golfing routine.

Our best clients are those who are determined to reclaim their active lifestyle. (Even if they are currently stuck!)

Want to learn more about our availability and pricing before making a commitment to visit?

You don’t have to give up your favorite game because of minor issues.

Dr. Christopher Kendall PT, DPT, TPI-M2/F2, PPSC, TRS-S.

Founder and Owner of Kendall Performance Physical Therapy

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Kendall Performance Physical Therapy in Kenmore and Williamsville

14+ 5-Star Reviews!

Rian C.


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Kendall after thinking that I wouldn’t be able to continue in powerlifting after a back injury. Since he is located right within Kenmore Barbell and Fitness, it was easy and convenient to schedule an appointment around my normal training hours.

Dr. Kendall saw me for an evaluation, listened to and addressed all of my concerns, prescribed the appropriate exercises, AND followed up with me after the appointment to check in and answer questions in-person and through his client portal. The entire process was extremely professional.

I was back to lifting and preparing for a powerlifting meet that same week! I would recommend Dr. Kendall to anyone that is serious about their rehab process and wants to get back to performing at their highest level!

Noelle S.

After damaging major tendons and ligaments in my ankle and doing standard physical therapy, I was still having trouble getting 100% back to the activities I had been doing prior to the injury. I was looking for someone who would specifically address my physical needs and goals. Chris provided a thorough evaluation, explaining each initial test and the results. He demonstrates each specific exercise to target my deficiencies and makes any necessary corrections to my form during each repetition. In just a handful of weeks I have made noticeable improvements in strength, flexibility and range of motion and am looking forward to continued progress with him. Chris is knowledgeable, encouraging and thorough and I highly recommend his services.