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Hip Pain

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Dr.Christopher Kendall PT

Is Hip Pain Preventing You From Leading an Active Lifestyle?

You're sick of being constrained by hip pain and want to get back out there confident and pain-free. If this describes you, keep reading to learn how Kendall Performance Physical Therapy is the best solution for you…

Don’t give up your desired lifestyle because of problems that can be fixed.

You’re sick of being disappointed and frustrated. The active lifestyle you enjoy has been put on hold in the hopes that the pain will disappear and you can resume your normal routine.

However, it has not stopped. The pain is still hampering your life.

You’re looking for an answer.

We’re glad you’re here and ready to assist if you can relate.

Kendall Performance Physical Therapy is the best solution for your hip pain.

It’s time for US to assist YOU in resuming the lifestyle you enjoy — without limitations or restrictions.

We Understand How Difficult It Can Be to Deal With Hip Pain While Trying to Stay Active.

You have goals that you want to achieve, but your hip pain is limiting your progress.

These activities have been restricted since hip pain began to invade your daily life.

This is not how you live.

We understand how important an active lifestyle is to you.

Running, biking, or going to the gym is your escape; it helps you focus and gives you time to yourself.

It also allows you to socialize with a gym buddy.

But you've been missing out since your hip pain.

…While you sit at home, resting, waiting for the pain to disappear.

With your confidence in your abilities dwindling, you want to do something about your hip pain.

This is where we can help.

At Kendall Performance Physical Therapy, we help you return to the gym without worry or pain.

We assist you in returning to your LIFE.

We collaborate with you to achieve your goals, eliminate pain, and improve your performance.

Do you want to learn more?

Inquire about our availability and prices.

Hip Pain Is Dictating Your Daily Life, and You May Not Even Be Aware of It.

Maybe you tried…

…the problem with all of these alternatives is that they are only temporary.

When you try these, you will only get temporary solutions.


Because the underlying issue is not being addressed.

At Kendall Performance Physical Therapy, we specialize in treating hip pain. We get to the bottom of the issue to determine what caused the pain in the first place, allowing us to accurately treat you and return you to your active life.

Here’s the deal…

Some patients have been told that their hip pain is simply the result of an active lifestyle or that it comes with age.

This is NOT correct.

Your hip pain is an impediment to your progress and a problem — one that begs to be addressed.

The reality is…

Hip pain is NOT normal; it is a problem we can solve.

You May Be Wondering What Sets Kendall Performance Physical Therapy Apart From the Competition.

We’re not like the others who tell you to…

We don’t tell you to do these things because we don’t provide short-term fixes.

At Kendall Performance Physical Therapy, we get to the bottom of your hip pain and find a real solution that works. We collaborate with you to achieve your objectives.

We put YOU first.

We want you to get back out there and live your life without pain.

We know you’re a strong, active, confident, and the empowered individual who is eager to resume an active lifestyle with no restrictions.

That is what we guarantee.

We understand that time is your most valuable resource, which is why we strive to assist patients like you in returning to their lives free of pain and restrictions.

You can be confident that we have your best interests in mind. We listen to YOU and YOUR goals, and our top priority is that you achieve them.

We aim to be a resource for Kenmore’s community of coaches, athletes, trainers, and other active people. We take pride in never remaining stagnant, always striving to keep Kenmore healthy and pain-free.

That is exactly what we will do for you.

Let’s work together to put an end to your hip pain.

Inquire about our pricing and availability today.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Kendall Performance Physical Therapy in Kenmore and Williamsville

14+ 5-Star Reviews!

Peter I.

After only two visits with Dr. Kendall, I’ve played three rounds of golf with less pain in my lower back each time. I’ve been following the stretching/exercise plan he provided me and it’s helped me tremendously when it comes to my mobility and keeping my muscles loose. He is also very personable and explains things so I can easily understand, opposed to using medical terms.

Nick C.

Chris was excellent on all fronts. I was impressed with his knowledge and his ability to communicate it to me. He was able to precisely pinpoint my issues and gave me clear and concise direction on how to fix them. I’ve since employed much of what he showed me and have been entirely pain free! Could not recommend Chris enough!

Jessica M.

a year ago Dr. Kendall has helped with proper body movement in regards to my swing specifically. This has helped reduced pain in my elbow and has also really helped to improve accuracy in my swing!