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Lifting Injuries

How to Get Rid of Lifting Pain Without Medications, Surgery, Or Skipping Workouts!

You’re out on your usual run or in the gym doing a set when you’re suddenly hit with what feels like a lightning bolt of pain. “Oh man, this really hurts,” you think, “but I’m sure it’ll feel better by tomorrow.”

You go to bed later that night, waking up the next morning with the same pain. It has been bothering you for several weeks, and you can barely lift without feeling pain.

You go to the doctor, and they tell you to ice it and rest and stop weightlifting because it’s “bad for your body,” They may even give you anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. You lift even though you don’t want to because it’s what they recommend.

You eventually start feeling a little better and are ready to resume training and lifting. Unfortunately, once you start getting back into it, the pain returns, leaving you frustrated and unsure of what to do.

This Is The Dangerous Cycle In Which Many People Find Themselves.

You’re in a lot of pain, so you go to a doctor and follow their advice to rest and stop training, and you start to feel better. Unfortunately, you may have lost some strength, muscle mass, conditioning, and so on, and you haven’t done anything to resolve your body’s issues. When it starts to feel better, you try to resume weightlifting, only for the pain to return and the cycle to begin again. This is something that many of our clients have gone through before coming to see us.

What Makes Us Unique?

When our clients come to see us, they find that they get a customized plan that helps them feel better and stronger simultaneously. As a result, when their pain subsides and they resume their normal training, they can do so without experiencing any discomfort.

If You Have a Lifting Injury, Here Are 7 More Reasons Why It May Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

1. You expected it to go away on its own, but it didn’t.

2. You went to the doctor, who told you to rest and take pain relievers, but the pills didn’t help, and as soon as they wore off, the pain returned.

3. A family member or friend told you that everyone gets pain from weightlifting and that you just have to accept it.

4. In the past, you tried other Healthcare Professionals or a physical therapist, but nothing they said or did seem to help.

5. You tried YouTube exercises, but they either didn’t work or worsened your pain.

6. You thought it would be a good idea to rest because your pain was so severe, but it only made you feel stiffer and tighter.

7. You decided to get a few “massages” in the hopes that they would relieve your pain, but they made you feel nice and relaxed and did nothing to help you in the long run.

If any of these things have happened to you, we would love to assist you by inviting you to schedule a call with our weightlifting injury specialist to find out what can be done to help you. The fact that you’ve tried any or all of these things is actually a GOOD THING because knowing what doesn’t work brings you closer to discovering what does!

If you want to get some solid advice over the phone, click the link below to book a call with us. The phone call is free, and there is no obligation to book appointments with us after the call. Our goal is to assist you in making the best decision about what to do next.

Suppose you’d like to learn more about how Kendall Performance Physical Therapy’s physical therapists can help you live with less pain. In that case, we invite you to start with a completely free, no-obligation, risk-free appointment at one of our clinics:

Note: We offer this Free Discovery Visit session to people who are very nervous or skeptical about Physical Therapy, unsure of its benefits, or if it is right for them. If this describes you, please begin with a Free Discovery Visit session so that we can work with you to determine what is wrong and what can be done – with no financial risk to you.

So Here’s the Next Question…

"How Can Choosing Kendall Performance Physical Therapy Help You Get Rid Of Your Lifting Injury - In The Next Few Days?"

So Here’s the Next Are a Few Examples of What Our Physical Therapy Team Can Do for You:

Essentially, we can assist you in returning to a life free of weight-lifting pain.

If you want to know how much it costs and what appointments are available at our physical therapy clinics in Kenmore, New York, please click the button below and fill out the short form:

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Kendall Performance Physical Therapy in Kenmore and Williamsville

14+ 5-Star Reviews!

Rian C.


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Kendall after thinking that I wouldn’t be able to continue in powerlifting after a back injury. Since he is located right within Kenmore Barbell and Fitness, it was easy and convenient to schedule an appointment around my normal training hours.

Dr. Kendall saw me for an evaluation, listened to and addressed all of my concerns, prescribed the appropriate exercises, AND followed up with me after the appointment to check in and answer questions in-person and through his client portal. The entire process was extremely professional.

I was back to lifting and preparing for a powerlifting meet that same week! I would recommend Dr. Kendall to anyone that is serious about their rehab process and wants to get back to performing at their highest level!

Noelle S.

After damaging major tendons and ligaments in my ankle and doing standard physical therapy, I was still having trouble getting 100% back to the activities I had been doing prior to the injury. I was looking for someone who would specifically address my physical needs and goals. Chris provided a thorough evaluation, explaining each initial test and the results. He demonstrates each specific exercise to target my deficiencies and makes any necessary corrections to my form during each repetition. In just a handful of weeks I have made noticeable improvements in strength, flexibility and range of motion and am looking forward to continued progress with him. Chris is knowledgeable, encouraging and thorough and I highly recommend his services.