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Running & Biking Injuries

Pain While Running/Biking Is NOT Normal

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place.
Many people suffer unnecessarily with running pain because they’re told…
The Truth Is...

At Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab, We Help Active Adults And Athletes Get Back To The Workouts And Sports They Enjoy Without Surgery, Stopping Activities They Love, Or Relying On Pain Medicine.

We know that finding the right healthcare provider can be a challenging task.

It’s overwhelming to try to make a decision with all these choices… what will happen if you don’t make the right one?

Most people get stuck trying to make a decision about what to do next. They go days, weeks, months (even years!) without taking action.

Why We Work With Runners and Bikers?

As avid lovers of the outdoors and athletes ourselves, our staff enjoys many of the same activities as our patients do. We know how important activities like running or biking are, and what a huge role they take on in our patients’ lives.

We find runners and bikers to be some of the most highly motivated patients. They’re tough and they’re not afraid to work hard to keep doing the things they love. Many of these people suffer from chronic or nagging pains and don’t realize that these pains are resolvable in a  natural and non-invasive way.

Our goal at Peak Pursuit is to keep runners and bikers on the trails throughout our rehab process. We believe that your healthcare providers should be helping you find ways to stay in the activities that you love, rather than telling you to stop them.

Our Process

Phase 1: Tell Us Your Story

We know that no one athlete is exactly the same as another. Every person has a unique body, a unique history, and a unique situation.

That is why our first step is having an open conversation about what your story is and how your injury is impacting your body and your life.

Phase 2: Get Some Clarity

We’re sure you’ve been handed out plenty of diagnoses or opinions about what is going on. But no athlete is exactly the same. Instead of handing out willy-nilly diagnoses, our therapists assess for what may have been the underlying cause of the injury. We want to find the original cause of the injury so that it not only goes away, but STAYS AWAY.

Phase 3: Resolve Your Pain and Build Up Resiliency

Once we have an understanding of what the underlying cause is. We want to directly address the issue. Our interventions will be focused not only on getting rid of your pain, but also ensuring that it doesn’t come back in the future.

We focus on educating our athletes the “why” behind what we are doing. That way they have a better understanding of their bodies and how to address injuries as they come up.

At Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab we’ve created a 3 step process to get rid of your pain AND make sure it doesn’t come back again.

Step #1 - We Want To Listen To Your Story

Our medical system is frustrating. You wait weeks, sometimes months, for an appointment, only to get to talk to the doctors for 10 minutes before they have to run to the next patient and you’re left sitting there wondering, “What just happened?”

Even most physical therapy clinics operate this way. They’re not attentive, they’re fast-paced, and your therapist doesn’t have time to actually touch where you hurt. 

This is why our first step is to listen to your story.

After working with lots of people with Running & Biking pain, we know that no two people are alike. Each person has a different body, a different history, and different types of pain. 

That is why our first step is to have an open conversation and time for you to tell your story. That way we get a deep understanding of what’s going on not just with your body, but also how it’s impacting your life. 

Step #2 - Find Out WHY The Pain With Running & Biking Started

Many people have a diagnosis, or medical term for what’s going on with their body. Maybe their doctor gave it to them, maybe tests showed the diagnosis, or maybe you found it online.

You could have been told that your only choice was to rest, take painkillers, or start thinking about surgery.

Sometimes, those things bring temporary relief, but they’re not addressing what CAUSED the problem in the first place.

Every person’s cause of running pain is different. No one has the exact same problem caused by the exact same thing as another person.

Our goal at Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab is to find that original cause of your pain, so not only does your pain go away, it STAYS AWAY!

We understand that you still might be skeptical or unsure if physical therapy is right for you. That’s why we created our Discovery Visit.

Our Discovery Visits are meant specifically for those people who are skeptical, unsure, or have even been let down in the past. During the Discovery Visit you’ll find out what’s wrong, how long it’s going to take to fix it, and give you peace of mind that your problem can be fixed naturally!

Step #3 - Get Rid Of The Pain & Keep It From Coming Back

This is when the big transformation occurs. We develop a personalized plan that allows you to…

…Get back to Running & Biking without fear of the pain coming back. 
…Be able to get back to your favorite courses
…Get back to your pre-injury Running & Biking

Our best clients are those who are motivated and ready to win back their active lifestyle. (Even if they feel stuck right now!)

Want to know more about our availability and costs before making any commitment to coming in? 

You dont have to sacrifice the runs you love over problems that can be fixed. 

Kimmy Wiley PT, DPT
Co-owner of Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab In Taylorsville...

14+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Andy Coleman

“My discovery session with Dr. Kimmy Wiley was great! I came in for some ongoing knee pain which which really peaked a couple of days ago. The office had a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Wiley was very personable and understanding with my explanation of my symptoms. She listened intently and explained what was happening in very simple terms that was easy to understand. Luckily it’s nothing too serious. Dr. Wiley offered a number of exercises to do on my own to hopefully help alleviate pain around the patellar tendon.”

- Joseph Gregory

“My physical therapist was extremely helpful and informative. With improper lifting, I had injured my lower back and was struggling with pain. Had tried resting and was avoiding physical activity. After consulting with my physical therapist they taught me the importance of loading, and gave me the tools to get back into weightlifting. My back pain is now completely gone, and I am back to 100% regular activities. I highly recommend Peak Pursuit Performance & Rehab to anyone.”