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Thoracic Spine Mobility to Improve Your Swing

Thoracic Spine Mobility to Improve Your Swing

One of the biggest mobility limitations when it comes the golf swing is the lack of thoracic spine rotation. The bare minimum rotation requirement is 45 degrees which is measured in sitting to ensure there isn’t compensation from the lower body. If you can’t rotate through the thoracic spine, this is a movement fault that leads to early extension or an “over the top” swing fault. The lack of thoracic spine rotation is also one of the main reasons for low back pain when golfing. 

A great way to improve thoracic rotation is by breathing! You start in sitting and cross your left leg over the right leg and rotate to the left (right leg over left leg if rotating right). Once you hit the end range, laterally flex (sidebend) and take a big breath in and out, come back to upright sitting (without rotating back) and rotate further to the left. Repeat the sidebend and deep breathing technique 2-3 reps in each direction, then perform in the other direction.

Improving your thoracic rotation is something that will significantly improve your golf swing and your ability to increase your club head speed. So give this exercise a try before your next range session and see the improvements right away!

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