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Why Kendall Performance Physical Therapy

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Dr. Christopher Kendall

Why Kendall Performance PT?

At Kendall Performance Physical Therapy PLLC, we believe in providing the best possible care for every client who walks through our door. We thoroughly assess each person to identify your specific limitations and impairments. Kendall Performance Physical Therapy PLLC is a cash-based performance physical therapy clinic, which allows us to evaluate and treat each client as they truly need without constraints from the insurance companies. We would love the opportunity to help you live an independent and pain-free life. Contact us via email, phone, or direct message through one of our social media pages.

Our Process

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Kendall Performance Physical Therapy in Kenmore and Williamsville

14+ 5-Star Reviews!

Nick C.

Chris was excellent on all fronts. I was impressed with his knowledge and his ability to communicate it to me. He was able to precisely pinpoint my issues and gave me clear and concise direction on how to fix them. I’ve since employed much of what he showed me and have been entirely pain free! Could not recommend Chris enough!

Mike H.

Had leg/pelvic pain for 2 years finally decided to go see Chris Kendall to see what was going on. It’s been almost two months since seeing him and I haven’t felt this strong since I first developed the discomfort, there is now little to pain in my legs/pelvis.

Jessica M.

Dr. Kendall has helped with proper body movement in regards to my swing specifically. This has helped reduced pain in my elbow and has also really helped to improve accuracy in my swing!